Top 4 Games in This Week

Dragon Ball Game Play Online

Many years ago, seven magical dragons lost their pearls, which helped them perform miracles. The protagonist dreams of collecting them, so he sets out on a perilous journey, where he fights enemies such as evil bosses, fighters, and monsters. The game is a fighting game in the style of arcade machines. The player acts as a fighter with evil, who fights with enemies and uses the different techniques available to him to defeat them. The main feature of the game is the ability of the player to use a series of unique attacks and combine them to defeat an enemy. The task of the hero is to defeat all enemies and restore order on earth. He takes part in battles in arenas, pumping his skills and getting stronger with each round.

First steps

The first step in the game is creating the character. The player can use pre-made characters or create his own. The Maker allows you to change your hair, skin, and eye color, as well as your gender and build. It is important to note that this does not affect the fighting style of the character, it is only for eye relief. Also, the player chooses the type of arena and server. The server depends on the location of the opponents. Between fights, the player can be in the playroom, get acquainted with them, and communicate. At the same time, the game itself takes place in arenas, where the player fights with enemies. Each successful battle will give him rating points, so his name on the standings will go up.

Tha battle begins

The main part of the game takes place in the arena. Here the two characters fight each other. Each player has his own available set of attacks. They can be divided into two types – basic and special. The basic player can use it at any stage of the battle. With each damage he inflicts, he will receive points, which will be collected and displayed on the energy scale. To use a special attack that energy must be spent. This will give you the opportunity to inflict more damage on your opponent than usual. But at the same time, to repeat the special attack one must wait for the energy to be collected again. The game has no healing function, so the player must monitor his character’s health level – if it drops to zero, the character will die and the player loses. The player can run from the opponent but his movement is limited by the arena – he can’t overcome its borders. You can try it by yourself by playing this game and the game of such type on our site.

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