Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

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The game tells the story of a hero who is looking for seven magical dragon pearls that can perform miracles. On his way, he encounters an evil organization that wants to stop him. After a long struggle with it, the character defeats it but loses a friend who is killed by the organization. After a while, the organization regain its strength and got together again. Now, it has created evil robots that are capable of destroying all life. The hero’s task is to defeat them and avenge his friend. To get his way, he fights his enemies in arenas and defeats them one by one. With each fight, the player gets stronger and gets ready for the battle with the game’s main boss.

The game is based on an arcade-based fighting system. At the very beginning of the game, the player creates his avatar, a character he will control. He can choose his physique, hairstyle, costume, and so on. This is purely a visual addition that will not affect the course of the game or the story. He also chooses the arena and server to play on as the game has a multiplayer. The servers are divided by region of the world – Europe, Asia, America, and so on. Each has players with whom you can fight in the arena. Each victory will move the player up in the standings. The game itself is not limited to arenas – between battles the player can communicate with other players and interact with them.

The main part of the game takes place in the arena. Here the player can fight enemies or other characters. The player can fight using his physical attacks or using the character’s special abilities, which are different for each player. Special abilities are not always available – to use them you need to accumulate energy. After using a special hit, the energy is reset. This can be seen on a special scale. There is also a health scale, and if it goes to zero, the character will die. The player can move the character only within the arena. To do this, the player uses the arrow keys or the keys “W, S, A, D”. Each special attack is called by a separate button on the keyboard. A special feature of the game is the ability to combine attacks to inflict more damage on the enemy. The player wins when the opponent is defeated.

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