Dragon Ball

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The game is a fighting game, in which the main character is forced to fight the enemies with his powers and special attacks. According to the plot, he is looking for seven magical items, which resemble pearls and in ancient times belonged to dragons. They can perform various miracles and make people happy. On his way, the main character meets many obstacles to overcome. He also meets a lot of enemies, with whom he has to engage in a showdown. The game is based on fighting game arenas. The character can only move within the arena, he cannot go outside. His task is to fight his opponent. Each character has his own set of attacks – basic and special. The basic ones are available to him by default – it can be a fist strike or a kick.

During the game, the character collects energy, which can be spent to use special attacks. They do more damage but collect more energy. As a consequence, they cannot be used all the time. Only after collecting the right amount of energy the character can use the special attack and deal damage to the opponent. The special attack is also accompanied by the corresponding video. A character can combine attacks to get a combo, in which case the damage can be doubled or even tripled. Both the character and his opponent have a health scale – it shows the health level of the character. It will decrease with each hit, depending on the attack. If it drops to zero, the character dies. As a consequence, the player needs not only to attack the enemy but also to protect his character from attacks.

Controls in the game are made by pressing the arrow keys, or by using the “W, S, A, D” buttons. It is also possible to control with a joystick or gamepad. Separate buttons are allocated for attacks, which allows to combine them and cause more damage. The player also has the ability to customize the game. First of all, it is a choice of server for the game – they are divided by regions of the world. This allows one to compete with players from other parts of the world, arrange competitions and get a rating in the rating tables. Also, the player chooses the arena in which the battle will take place. Additionally, he can change his character avatar. This can be a pre-made avatar that copies the appearance of a character from the classic game or a customized avatar. The player chooses his gender, hair color, face, and physique. This does not affect the course of the game and does not give any privileges.

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